20 Things To Be Grateful in Life

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I am hoping that by listing  those make me recalled even tiny things that i should be thankfull in my life. 

 1. I am a Muslim
 2. I have a supportive best friend. 
 3. I have my mother. 
 4. I had a precious Muhammad Daniel Hakeem 
 5. I bought a house at young age. 
 6. I had a secured job.  
 7. I am at 4th year in my part time study
 8. I had known so many good people. 
 9. I can see a sun. 
10.I can walk. 
11.I dont have any physical illness. 
12.I can talk. 
13.I have money. 
14.I can eat. 
15.I can hear. 
16. Chance to be a mother
17. Chance to take care of my mother
18. I had been in a plane. 
19. The moment i burst my laugh
20. The moment other people appreciate me. 

Ending to 20's kind a hard, lets list out yours and  embrace every moment we had. 

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