Wednesday, November 25, 2020

My Forever Love.. 

6years ago i was blessed to this handsome little boy. There is no word to describe how happy i am. The pregnancy journey was tough. At 5month pregnancy i was treaten by a possible miscarriage. Devastated and helpless i could only pray that you will be strong boy inside my tummy. Indeed you are such a strong boy, we manage to overcome it but unfortunately later on you were diagnose as a SGA baby. Its a medical term that describe a baby who has smaller growth than the actual number of weeks pregnancy. You are only 800gram at my 8month pregnancy yet you still strong till end. Today, you are 6 years old and diagnosed with a conginental heart disease at yr 7days young in this world but you still a happy boy. Allah replace all the hardness by blessing you with such a soft heart, such an understanding boy. I love you eternally.

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My First Post !

Sunday, November 1, 2020

 My First Post  

Hello and Assalamualaikum...

Harini mark hari bersejarah (cewah..) sha buat post pertama untuk blog ni. Pernah ada blog 10 years ago but then rasa it was so childish that i post silly thing ( i even post my face eating maggie) LOL !  Lucky enough blog tu pun dah dipadam secara automatic sebab dah lama tak buat post dan tertutuplah satu aib. HAHAHA. Kalau wujud lagi pun tak ada siapa nk mengaku blog tu blog sendiri. Special thank to LyanaIshak (pi baca blog dia cepat, content dia soooo menarik) lepak rumah sha arini dan share how to do blogging.  Me appreciate it soooo much. Tak sabar nak share more nanti. 

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