Wednesday, November 25, 2020

My Forever Love.. 

6years ago i was blessed to this handsome little boy. There is no word to describe how happy i am. The pregnancy journey was tough. At 5month pregnancy i was treaten by a possible miscarriage. Devastated and helpless i could only pray that you will be strong boy inside my tummy. Indeed you are such a strong boy, we manage to overcome it but unfortunately later on you were diagnose as a SGA baby. Its a medical term that describe a baby who has smaller growth than the actual number of weeks pregnancy. You are only 800gram at my 8month pregnancy yet you still strong till end. Today, you are 6 years old and diagnosed with a conginental heart disease at yr 7days young in this world but you still a happy boy. Allah replace all the hardness by blessing you with such a soft heart, such an understanding boy. I love you eternally.

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